Give me a museum and I will fill it

Navachara Museum is a technology museum for kids at the President House of India in New Delhi. It is a pride to share that Navachara Museum has installation of our initiative from ideation to execution. The museum beholds some of the best innovations in technology done by school kids who were a part of various Makeathons and workshops. The museum potrays the upcoming bright future of the nation, through its exhibits.


Turn Knowledge into action

FabLab Cept is a Fabrication Lab in Ahmedabad India, founded by Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation and hosted by CEPT University. Here like minded people can meet up to make amazing products and designs. Fab Lab Cept played a major role in turning me from a learner to an Educator. Fablab gave me the chance to bring students together and show them how things actually worked. FabLab Cept was the perfect work station for an explorer. Got an Idea? Go to Fablab Cut, Print and Mill it for yourself. Through FabLab we got a chance to visit Fab10 conference in Barcelona.

My first attempt #diyhollogram #diyisawesome #hologram #midnight #making

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TuneBricks #circuitricks #diyhacks #makerfaire #marivarta #21 / 365 days

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Maker Fest

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

During January 2015, I decided to abide by this philosophy and led the Maker Fest 2015 which turned out to be the largest gathering of makers from all over India. MakerFest was not merely a gathering it was a celebration that left us with amazing memories, best makers from the nation and management lessons like Time and Logistics Management.