I love to shop electronics

Since my childhood I had the tinkering for exploring things. I would open up electronic gadgets to see how they worked. After opting for a Bachelors in Electronics and Communication the passion grew into an addiction I would try my hands on various electronic gadgets and would always come up with something innovative. I got myself a plethora of electronic gadgets and even now during my leisure you can find me trying to hack into something new.




Computer Vision

Sometimes I think I see things others don't


Will Robots inherit the earth?

I was always fascinated by robots when I first saw them on Television. During my college I got a chance to make them and move them on my command. Robotics interested me because it made human lives easier than ever. I led a Couple of events of Robotics Club at Nirma University and have worked on several projects. We have also won multiple awards at different Robotics competitions across country.





You must unlearn what you have learned

I was introduced to Kinect by my gamer friends. I loved how it worked by detecting our motion. On further pondering I discovered several automations could be done using Kinect. During Maker Fest 2014 where we had Printajoy for exhibit, we used Kinect to make a touch wall. The audience can touch their photos on the wall to zoom it and flip to the next photo. The touch was created using Kinect and a simple projector.

Dish Breaker

Insta Wall

Multitouch table