We are all Makers

India being a developing country, a lot of talent is underused, primely because they don't receive the exposure needed. During my college days I would notice several enthusiastic students who wanted to work on electronics but due to lack of resources they couldn't. That's where the idea of opening hackerspaces came in mind. Hackerspaces would be places where passionate students could come and work on their projects and turn their idea into a prototype. My Hackerspace model was highly appreciated by the State Government and after opening the first hackerspace today Gujarat has opened up more than 10 hackerspaces for students all across the state.


Hackathons are where your crazy idea becomes reality

Travelling teaches you a lot more than books can. Having visited several conferences and workshops across the globe, I understood if you get like minded people in a closed room for some hours with a mentor to guide them they are certain to come up with an interesting outcome. This inspired me to conduct various software and hardware hackathons across India. I was delighted to know a few months after the hackathon some of the participants have come up together with a product startup that was born during the hackathon. Greatest learning from a hackathon was, a bit of competition and right mentors can give us amazing results.


Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember

There's no greater joy in life than sharing the knowledge that you've. There's no greater joy in life than sharing the knowledge that you've. I used to deliver talks in several colleges and carefully listen to students and the issues they faced. On giving a deeper thought I realized that the teaching methods need to be changed before the students step into colleges. Having conducted more than 500 workshops along with Intel Education I realized that if students below K12 are given perfect education the world would see a better tomorrow. I educated more 10,000 school kids and mentored several college students and my vision towards a better tomorrow looked crystal clear through imparting right education.


Inhale confidence, Exhale doubt

Attending several conferences and delivering talks and workshops at such places has made an impeccable effect on my idiosyncrasy. The conferences opened doors for me to interact with the world and share my ideas with like minded people. We learnt the importance of sharing and gaining value out of simple conversations.