Whatsapp Bot

Sleep Only When Tiredness Finds You

A quote I heartily follow. During one such leisure nights I hacked and developed a WhatsApp Bot using its open API through which the Raspberry Pi configured with the Bot would share live cricket score whenever it received a message. Read More
I also tried to create REST Api for Whatsapp, which send Text / Image messages to given whatsapp Number.


Print button for Instragram

Instagram, worlds happiest museum, Instagram was platform that captured bundles joys. We decided to bring that joy into life by becoming India's first Instagram photo printing portal. The journey of Crowd funding for printajoy gave me a clear vision on how to appeal potential customers and run a business with limited financial resources.
Work : Flask powered server who automatically generate pdf of orders to print.

Know What You Breathe

The best way to predict the future is to Create It.

OIZOM is the only mobile app that let you explore, analyse and compare air-quality of your city. With 100+ cities air-quality data, OIZOM awake the world about the next big problem of pollution and global warming. Are you planning a day out with family ? Does your cild love to play outside ? Are you spending whole day out at work ? Wait ! Think twice going out without checking OIZOM on your phone. OIZOM is made out of love with nature and human kind. Our existence has sole dependancy on the air we breath. Our future completely relay on the air we inhale. The air-quality can give a new life on death-bed and also hamper the ecosystem and make you vulnerable to diseases that'll affect you and your forthcoming generations. So let's weak up before it's too late and install OIZOM for the better future. Read More


Galileo for Kids

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered

Since my college days I have had hands on several electronics gadgets and I discovered a lot of students are a bit reluctant when it comes to developing and writing code for electronic gadgets. If we could imbibe kids with the knowledge of writing codes for electronics in their school they'd never be complex about it. I decided to write a book, simple and in language that interests the K12 kids on how to work on Intel Galileo, I'll Make Infinity. I wrote about how kids could try hands on Intel Galileo by writing code in the simplest language, scratch.
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